Automation of Business Process


Automation of Business Processes

Managing existing technology and integrating it with new technology is a challenge every company faces with time. Legacy systems as we may call take most of precious time of companies to make it work with the ever-changing business environment.

We at Bean Architects are determined to make it easy for companies to sit back and focus on their Core Business and Strategic decisions, taking away from the customer the more routine but nonetheless important job of re-engineering and enhancing their legacy systems.

In most fundamental form we can describe the Re-engineering processes as

  Analysis of Existing System

  Logical Transformation

  Development of a new system

Though the above process form the basis of our Re-engineering process, but the total cycle is looked at from micro level study of the system.

We begin our study with recovering the architecture by extracting the artifacts from the source code, functional requirements of the system, existing design patterns, existing bottlenecks as faced by the user (internal or external). This recovery of artifacts is analyzed and is shaped up to "then Designed" architecture. It is evaluated with respect to various quality attributes such as performance, modifiability, security and reliability.

After recovering the architecture, the transformation of "then architecture" into "desired architecture" takes place. At this point of time the management plays a crucial role of defining the functional and economic limitations. The desired architecture is put through various tests of Quality, system goals, and abstract scenarios before finalizing the architecture of the new system.

After freezing the desired architecture, implementation plan falls into place.