Website Audit


What's A Website Audit?

Web site audit is a cumbersome and long drawn process to detect and report crucial factors of a website such as its usability and credibility. A website audit process involves analysis of the following task

Website Design

  Does your website have a clean / professional look?

  Does your website have Broken links/ missing images?

  Does your website display the right graphics?

  Do the images/ graphics pixel issues?

  Does your website display the textual content correctly?

  Is the textual content easy to read?

  Does your website have cross browser issues?

  Does your website have cross resolution issues?

Website Hosting

  Do web pages load slow?

  Does your flash/ animated content loads slow?

  Does your hosting server support your SEO techniques?

Website - Search Engine Optimization

  Keyword research based on business       understanding

  Competition analysis on keywords

  Right page for right keyword

   Optimized page title

  Appropriate H1 & H2 tags

  Minimum SEO friendly contents

  Right keyword density in the page content

   On site optimization (relevant backlinks from other        web pages of the same domain)

  Right keyword density in the page content

   Relevant link building (online link building coming        from pages of same industry)

  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc and other social      media optimization

There is no software available on the internet which whill do the website audit for you. Fortunately, there is who will audit your website for you and report the critical factors which need attention to compete in the world wide web.